Visit The Studio Today!

Ever wondered what a working artist's studio looks like? Ever wanted to get a peek into the creative process that results in the line, color and composition of memorable pieces? It's easy! If you are a collector of Kim's art, or have seen pieces on the website that intrigue you, contact Kim at 808.757.8211 or, and make an appointment for one of Maui's truly unique experiences! (Don't be shy--it is so easy to pull in on the way to Mamas, and in half an hour, you will experience what a fun, multi-dimensional world a working studio can be!)

Once you arrive, Kim greets you with the fresh Perrier and takes you on a guided journey, inviting you to explore her whole creative process--from contemplating the amazing view of Haleakala, the Inspirational Indian sarongs draped over the couches, the overflowing lush pallets, to the workshop where her custom surfboards come to life, one painstaking layer at a time.

At the end of the journey you may want to take a piece of Maui home with you!

71 Baldwin Ave Suite B5 Paia, Hawai’i 96779

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"Thanks, Kim, for capturing long-lasting memories of beautiful Maui."   Ernie and Marisa