NEW Surfboards! A MUST see... Take a peek

Sharks have been a big theme in these two new boards Kim just finished! Straight out of the glassing room... Available for purchase. The holidays are right around the corner so get yours today! 

Underwater Photography by Cesere Brothers

Underwater Photography by Cesere Brothers

Menace of the Sea

"Menace Of 


The Sea"

Hawaii's revered shark god,  Kamohoali'li, was not one to be trifled with, and neither is this board. The elemental blues and greens emphasize the sleek beauty and power of the island's protector of the seas.


Mana Shark

"Mana Shark" 

"Mana" - In Hawaiian symbolizes a pervasive supernatural or magical power. Sharks are thought to be the Aumakua of the Hawaiian culture. A family god, often an ancestor who has died and come back in another form. 

Need Ideas on how to display your Surfboard? Click the link to a blog post we wrote to give you more ideas!