Beyond Art

Some of the questions I get asked repeatedly pertaining my art career are: "How did you become a successful artist?""What are you doing in order to live off you art?" Here is one of my most useful tools that help me with art career: Marketing.

The most successful and best marketing tool I have is the shopping and dining guide by BEST Publishing on Maui and Kauai. The exposure I have experienced from being in these magazines for the last 12 years is incredible. BEST exposing my work to millions has been career changing and I contribute a lot of my success and ability to live off my artwork, to my ads!

I sincerely believe that without my making exposure in the magazine I would have not been able to sail through the recession, with my top selling years which have been the last 3 years like I did.

A big mahalo Mikel and Deb.



More to come with 'Beyond Art' by Kim McDonald