First Completed Painting from New Series Released

Kim is back from her whirlwind trip to Egypt (for fun!) and Paris (for work!) and hit the ground running upon touchdown back on Maui.  She's been painting non-stop for days, only taking breaks to eat, and occasionally get out of the home studio and remember why she lives in Hawaii! While in Paris, Kim visited many art galleries, including her favorite Museum d'Orsay, with her beloved Gauguin, Van Gogh, and Cezanne, but she was newly inspired by the lesser-known Emile Bernard, a contemporary of the above artists.

Here's what Kim had to say about Bernard's direct influence on her current series, entitled "Polynesian Tranquility".  "Bernard has pronounced use of blues and especially greens, there was so many varying shades of green!  My life right now is more organized and harmonious, with a nice, easy rhythm to it. I'm surrounded by a strong team of female employees, and I feel all of this is reflected in my new paintings.  Most of the paintings I'm working on have women lounging or casually talking, surrounded by gently flowing water, verdant hills, fruit and foliage, and all their basic needs are taken care of. Its kind of primal in that way.  It reflects a day in the life, for these Polynesian women."

Help Kim out by naming this first painting, and get a chance to win an artist's proof!  For details, visit Kim's Facebook page- Kim McDonald Art

'Polynesian Tranquility- Untitled #1' is currently available as an original oil on canvas, its 30" x 40" and $14,000.  Please call for inquiries.