Artist Kim McDonaldKim McDonald


Pablo Neruda, the celebrated poet, praised a mythical goddess:  "her voice, bright body, infinite eyes"...

Kim McDonald, one of Hawaii's pre-eminent artists, has captured numerous "Island Goddesses" in her portrait series, but it is tempting to view her evocative seascapes as the conjurings of another island goddess--Kim--caught in the act of lovingly bringing her cherished islands and oceans to life.

The lush colors flow in an evocative, swirling scene of island abundance.  All of the artist’s signature techniques are evident:  the bold, rich Fauve palette, the naïf style that seems to effortlessly channel Gauguin, the sense that there is definitely something more here than meets the eye; something mythological, something evoking the deep timeless soul of the South Pacific.

So clearly, it’s time to take a closer look at Maui’s own jeans-wearing, paint-spattered, paddle-boarding, High Priestess.  Kim has been one of Hawai‘i’s celebrated artists for 16 years.  This hard-working, local celebrity has many well-heeled admirers.  So, what is a recently-arrived, determined acolyte to do to take home the essence of Hawai‘i?

Well, first, call 808-757-8211 to get an appointment to visit Kim in her new Paia studio, aptly named “The House of Two Moons.”  While admiring her island art, ask her about her “Warrior Boards,” paddle boards and surfboards painted with enlarged Hawaiian and Tahitian tribal, tattoo designs.  Each board has all of the mythic elements that make Kim’s work so uniquely Hawaiian, and like her local churches, island goddesses, and moonlit nights, each work evokes something deep, primal, and true.

“In a simple moment, a poet can see the infinite.”  - Goethe